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Wow, sorry for being M.I.A.! I didn’t realize that I haven’t written in awhile and I have no real reason for it. It’s just a combination of being busy and lazy! Here’s a summary of what went on in December:

My father’s surprise 75th birthday party went really well and a good time was had by all. It was wonderful to have everyone gathered for my papa. He was truly touched to see everyone there. He’s still talking about it now! You can see for yourself how much of a great party it was by clicking here!

Linh and I went to a wicked party called Soul Kitchen. It was a pure R&B jam and the music was off the chain!! There was also a performance by one of my most fave. singers,
Dwele. He put on an awesome show and thanks to Linh who really encouraged me to go, I also met him. We were surprised at how shy he was but he was a total sweetheart nonetheless! My boy, Tyrone was DJing there that night so I finally managed to get with him as well!

Dwele & I

Tyrone & I

I finally finished my website and I’m very proud of myself! It took me about 3 weeks to do it. Technically it was less then that because I was juggling work and laziness all at the same I was sick for almost 2 weeks! Please feel free to check it out and sign my guestbook while you’re there to let me know what you think! The Lady’s Lounge

Lastly, Christmas was good and fairly quiet. On the eve, we went to church and had an aunt and uncle over for dinner. Christmas day we had lunch at a family friend’s place then dinner with my brother, sis in law and her family. We were exhausted!

I saw 2 movies during my Christmas break. First, Linh and I went to see Blood Diamond. It was about the diamond trade in Sierra Leone. Great movie, terribly upsetting though. Some scenes are quite graphic but it has to be because the situations shown are someone’s reality. It certainly makes you think twice about purchasing diamonds or making sure that the ones you buy are conflict-free. Second, my sister and I went to see Dream Girls. We’re not fans of Beyonce or anything, we were just curious to see it because of all the buzz it had been getting. The movie did not disappoint. It was clear that Jennifer Hudson was the true star in the film. She blew us all away and caused people to clap in the theatre. Great movie, the music was wicked too.

Guess that’s it for now…I think I summed it all up. Linh and I are supposed to be partying New Year’s Eve…I’ll probably write about that next.


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