Looking Back On 2006

Here it is…my first entry of 2007. I just wanted to take this opportunity to look back on the year…I’ve been trying to write this for awhile, compiling it alongside the memories in my head and in this very blog!

- ’05 was really my year for concerts (I went to 7!) but my first memory of ’06 was going to see the Fort Minor/Little Brother show with my cousin, JoJo in February. This was significant because not only did we really enjoy the show but this is when I had my first glimpse of my boy, Darien Brockington. I didn’t meet him that night but it was the beginning of great things to come. Jojo also took me to see Dashboard Confessional twice. Linh and I went to see Mary J. Blige in the summer which was amazing also.

- Joining in March. This is significant to me cuz this site alone has put me in touch with a lot of people. It’s made me closer to friends who are present and brought new people in my life some acquaintances, some closer than that. This group includes but limited to Amanda, Nancy, Deedra, Darien, Davon, Jewell, Zion, Ty, Rez, Ro, Staci, Sha, Zell, Mo, Honey, Monty and too many more to mention. Also, recently my girl Mo created a reunion group for this yahoo chat community that I belonged to back about 8 years ago called Chocolate City and I’ve managed to reconnect with a lot of people there too!

- I turned 30 in May. I had a hard time excepting it and went through a little bout of depression just before. My sister arranged a surprise birthday party with friends and some family. It was also extra special because my best friend from high school, Josie was in town from Vancouver. It was my 1st surprise party ever and I’ll never forget it.

- This year I made a few new close friends. Most significantly would be Amanda. She started working with me in April and we’ve gotten quite close. She’s enabled me to know what it’s like to have a little sister. Darien, who’s managed to make me smile no matter what I’m going through. Nancy, who I met through Darien, she’s given me some of my best laughs of the year! She also called me when I couldn’t go with her to see Darien in Atlanta and let me speak with him. Deedra, who I met through a John Legend Network I belong to. She’s hilarious and I just love her spirit. Kevin, he’s managed to capture a piece of my heart in the short time we’ve known each other.

- One of my most treasured moments of the year was Labor Day weekend. That was when I finally met Darien. Although I was disappointed that his show was cancelled due to extreme weather, I will never forget the time we managed to spend together.

- My girl Linh and I have been out to a few parties this year but only 2 really stick out in my mind. First was the All White Affair at the York Event Theatre which happened in the spring (I think!). Linh had been trying to get me to go to this party…I think since I’ve known her! I refused to wear all white and didn’t even have any clothing of the color. For some reason, I changed my mind…possibly because of L’s strong power of persuasion! LOL! We were definitely not disappointed! Will I go again this year??? We’ll see… The second party was Soul Kitchen at Level Niteclub in December. I asked Linh to go because the party also featured a performance by one of my fave. singers, Dwele. Our boy Tyrone who is one of my fave. DJs was also spinning that night. It was the greatest vibe I’ve felt in a club for a very long time. The music was wicked and I was especially hype because Tyrone actually some of Darien’s music so I was extremely happy about that. Dwele’s performance was great and I got to meet him!
- All wasn’t good this year though...most significantly was my papa going through extensive treatment for prostate cancer. I think this was a tough time for all of us. Only thing I can say is I’m glad he managed to pull through okay with no major complications. He just got pale and fairly weak and tired. He’s in remission now so thank God for that. Thank you to everyone for their well wishes and prayers.

- December we celebrated my papa’s 75th birthday by throwing him a surprise party. Preparations were kinda crazy and there was some drama on the day of but we managed. It was all well worth it to see how happy he was to see all of us gathered for him especially since he and his siblings hadn’t been in the same room for years! It made me feel so good that even though he had been through so much in the beginning of the year that we were able to do this for him.

Well, looks like that’s it. Not bad, huh? Let’s hope 2007 is bigger, brighter and better for everyone, filled with much love, laughter, growth, success and good health.


  1. Anonymous12:34 AM

    woot *cheers* to that... A better year 4 2007. this year was awesome. getting to kno u alot better ... and having someone i can look up to , learn from and know they're looking out for me .. as well someone i can be a devil with and she wont rat me out!.. laugh ... just laugh.. thanks ..

    ne ways i wont forget ne of it .. i can name soo many things .. but i wont.. cuz ill fill up the whole site lol.. but i will leave u with this.. i love u & thanks for being there... also .. thanks for putting up with me when im sad, happy & a miserable little bitch that u want to smack upside the face!! hah

    one more thing... This is why I'm hot! hahaha wooot awesome song!!!

    love ya muchly manda panda x0x

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Hey Lady Happy New Year. Had to come and peep the page, cause I haven't been here in a hot minute! Good read (as ALWAYS) girl I thought I done tole you to go on and write dat book!

    You did have an awesome year. Congrats, and I am glad to have grown closer to you too in 2006. Now when I get my new 'puter it will be hard to get me off of yahooIM, so get ready. God I love income tax season. LOL

    Hugs and Kisses,

    Deedra D ~joenkobema~


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