A Scare To End 2005

Some people might be upset that I’ve not mentioned the following situation until now. Please understand that I really didn’t want to worry anyone until I found out for sure what was going on.

It was the last weekend of the year and I discovered a lump on the far side of my breast. I was immediately alarmed especially with my strong family history of cancer but I waited until the first Tuesday of the new year to speak to my female boss who also works at an oncology clinic in one of the hospitals here that specialize in cancer. We spoke for awhile about it and she pointed out what it may or may not represent. She examined me and took a fine needle biopsy which I didn’t expect right away but was grateful to have something done so soon. She promised results a week later which was today and I’m relieved to report that the results were negative. It’s just a benign cyst! My boss praised me for doing regular self breast examinations and told me that she wishes more people would get into that habit.

Now I’m encouraging all women, please check yourselves out regularly….even if you are a man, please encourage the women that you care about to do the same.

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