Random Ramblings Volume 6

5 In The Morning By: Vee O.

In a dark basement, reggae bass pumping
People packed in a low ceiling room, ‘hydro’ in the air
A feeling of fear and excitement as the music sets in
To her surprise, he steps to her, pulls her close

They dance, his hands traveling, her mind wandering
Never expected this, she didn’t know he wanted her
High and musical vibes settling in
He kisses her passionately

P.D.A and they just don’t care
It wasn’t ‘til 5 in the morning
When she came home, thinking too much
Was it his drunken state or true emotions shown?

What happens now? Will she ever know?
She decides not to think about it
For he made her feel sexy and desirable
Which she hadn’t felt in a long time

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