99 Things About Me

Saw this on my boy's site so I thought I'd try it and it was harder than I thought!
Here it goes:

1. Born May 27th, 1976
2. Gemini, Dragon
3. Stand at 6’0 and I’m the tallest female in my family, immediate and extended
4. Have a sister and brother 13 and 11 years older than me
5. Only Canadian born in my immediate family
6. My parents’ names are Oliver and Olivia
7. First time at 17 (for what you ask? You figure it out!)
8. Went to a Catholic all girls school
9. Auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club
10. Loved to sing and performed a lot in high school
11. Got stage fright after high school
12. Help start and managed my school’s radio station
13. Had a dream to become a singer or radio personality
14. DJed for a while and I’m still very intrigued by the art of DJing
15. First time on a plane was in 1995
16. Only been on a plane 3 times (Washington, DC Calgary, Alberta Charlotte, North Carolina)
17. I LOVE LOVE LOVE music (especially R&B/Soul, Hip Hop & Reggae) and there’s hardly ever a time that I’m not listening to something
18. I’ve been writing short stories, poetry and novels since about age 12
19. Finished a total of 3 novels but no desire to be published
20. Very vivid imagination…most times when I write a story or novel, I can see it playing in my mind like a movie
21. Very shy at times
22. Slight hearing loss in my left ear
23. Bad knees that cause me to limp and be in pain from time to time
24. Extreme migraines that have caused fainting and trips to the hospital
25. Scared of heights and thunderstorms (specifically thunder)
26. Taught myself HTML and design my own website
27. Only been TOTALLY in love once and have been utterly heart broken twice
28. I dislike my real name. I only use it in formal instances like ID and banking etc. If someone were to call me by it on the street, I probably wouldn’t answer because I’m used to being called by my nickname.
29. Nicknames: Vee (which everyone calls me), Lady Vee/Lady (DJ name and internet handle), Jazzy (nickname from my boy, Jewell..back in the day) and iCandi (given by a friend, Nikki Noble…for my apparent ability to spot eye candy!)
30. Musical talents through the years: Vocals (4 years), Trumpet (2 years) and Guitar (2 years)
31. I don’t know how to ride a bike
32. I hate bananas
33. Fave. Fruits: mango, strawberries, pineapple and peaches
34. I love sushi
35. Not really too fond of chocolate
36. I have over 5000 mp3s in my computer
37. I was made fun of and teased in elementary school
38. I was in 1 abusive relationship
39. I’m still quite close with 2 of my ex-boyfriends
40. My best male friend is an ex and I am his son’s godmother
41. At one point years ago, my ex and my boyfriend at the time worked together (the 2 exes that I’m close to now)
42. I’ve met 3 out of 4 male singers that I absolutely adore: Darien Brockington, Dwele and Raheem Devaughn. There is also a STRONG chance that I will meet number 4 very soon: John Legend!
43. I’ve worn glasses/contacts since I was in grade 5
44. I get mistaken for being Native Indian all the time…even the natives have asked what tribe I belong to and on a recent trip to the US, I was asked for my status card by a customs officer
45. My eyes are black…meaning that you cannot distinguish the iris from the pupil
46. I’ve had white/grey hair in patches since I was a kid and die my hair to keep my natural color
47. I have 1 tattoo of a dolphin below my collarbone on my left side which was a gift to myself on my 25th birthday
48. I’ve loved unicorns and dolphins since I was a kid
49. Fave. Color: Blue specifically Baby Blue
50. Most cherished piece of jewelry: my heart toggle bracelet from Tiffany’s
51. I’ve been a flower girl once but never a bridesmaid
52. I have 3 piercings in my left ear and 1 on my right
53. Favorite Ice Cream: Jamoca Almond Fudge from Baskin & Robbins
54. First Toy Received as a baby: A gray poodle stuffed toy that played Rockabye Baby (I still have it too!)
55. I’ve always been a late sleeper and only need a couple hours to function
56. I’ve worked as a medical secretary for almost 12 years
57. I went to bartending school
58. Got my driver’s license at 24
59. Been in 1 minor accident
60. My car has been broken into twice
61. I’ve held a gun before but never shot it…and never will
62. Fave. Sport: Basketball
63. Had probably the worst prom in history (Wanna know why? Ask me!)
64. Only recreational drug I’ve ever tried is marijuana
65. Dream Vacation: Atlantis @ Paradise Island , Bahamas (Google it and you’ll see why)
66. Have only one REALLY close friend from my school days, Josie who now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia
67. Had a hard time turning 30 and cried every day the week previous to my birthday
68. Had 1 surprise party thrown for me (my 30th)
69. I love white roses and all colors of tulips
70. I have a great memory for names, faces, voices and number especially at work
71. I've experienced deja vu quite a number of times
72. I had elements of being a tomboy growing up and never grew out of it
73. For a lot of my life, I’ve had more male friends than female
74. Had trouble with self esteem and confidence since I was a kid. I still do so I try to work hard at improving that all the time and have come a loooong way!
75. At times, I have a slight fear of being alone and other times, I enjoy it
76. I only had goldfish as pets when I was a kid
77. Fave. Singer of all time: Stevie Wonder
78. Fave. Old School Song: Outstanding by Gap Band
79. 1st Song heard at my first school dance: It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ Ez Rock
80. 1st Slow Dance: Super Woman by Karyn White
81. 1st Kiss: Richard Lorde
82. 1st Concert: New Kids On The Block, I think
83. Things that I’m most attracted by on the opposite sex: height, dimples, eyes, smile and ass! LOL
84. I love buying purses, it’s one of my weaknesses
85. I’m quite close to and have had special bonds/relationships with a few people from the internet…Nancy, Darien, Rosean, Deedra, Davon, OJ, Sean, Mike and Jeff. I’ve known some of them for as long as 10 years! I’ve only met 2 of the 9 I listed: Nancy & Darien. Lost in touch with 2: Mike and Jeff – I hope they are happy, loved and safe wherever they may be.
86. Have a habit of biting my lip…especially when I’m thinking, shy or I’m emotional
87. I cry when I’m angry
88. I rarely wear skirts or dresses
89. I’ve lived in the same place practically since I’ve been born
90. My middle name is Ann
91. Driving, for the most part, relaxes/de-stresses me
92. I’m a sucker for a guy who can sing or has some sort of artistic/creative ability (They have to be nice too look at too though! LOL)
93. I hated my height when I was growing up and I’m still conscious about it ‘til now
94. I try to get my nails done at least twice a month.
95. I hardly wear make up except for lipstick/gloss
96. I think I’m addicted to my computer
97. I hardly watch TV
98. I hate beer but I do drink other stuff….
99. I’m tired and I can’t think of any more

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  1. yeah i realized how tough it was. good one.


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