I am back from my vacation with a renewed spirit. My last day at work before leaving was a killer and I actually had a little nervous breakdown. I ended up crying and had to leave my desk to go for a walk. The time off couldn’t come at a better time. I knew was stressed and burnt out but I didn’t realize how bad I was until then.

I didn’t post an entry right away because I decided it was easier to update my website with a section just for my trip including details and lots of pictures. I actually had some drama trying to get down there but once I arrived, everything was great! Here’s the link:
It was so hard to come back to the cold weather but I’m here. Charlotte was amazing and I definitely would like to go back! I was a little sad when I got home. Not only cuz I miss hanging out with Nancy and everyone else I spent time with. I was thinking I didn’t have anything else to look forward to but I just remembered that I’m going to the John Legend concert next month! I can’t wait!!!!

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