Homies For Lyfe! – Nancy & Darien

Not that I don’t think highly of myself but it never ceases to amaze me how I’m thought of even though I’m so far away. Last week Wednesday, Darien had a show in South Carolina which is where Nancy is. I was envious that she was going to get to see him perform. Thursday morning, I checked my myspace to see that Nancy had filmed Darien singing my absolute favorite song, I Miss You. The video was dark so you can barely see him but I didn’t care! LOL! (My cousin Jojo made an mp3 file of it for me so as long as this entry is on top or until I get sick of hearing it...which will be, you’ll hear it!) He sounded so amazing that I watched the clip a few times before leaving for work. When I got home, I got an email from Nan saying that she uploaded a file for me and found a link to download it. After downloading it, I pressed play not looking at the screen assuming it was the clip of him singing. All of a sudden, I heard a familiar voice saying, “Hi Vee!” I nearly flipped out! Nancy filmed a video message from Darien! It was dark yet again because they were at a club but I can hear him speaking which was good enough for me! Basically, he was being all silly on the message and saying that I wasn’t missing much…etc. I can’t even begin to explain how touched I was that they did that for me.

This couldn’t have come at a better time. I haven’t been feeling myself for the last little while and I’ve been stressed. Their gesture made me smile and got me giddy! LOL! Darien is one of the small handful of people that somehow manages to make me smile even when I really don’t want to. I also cannot say enough good things about Nancy. It’s crazy how we’ve only known each other for a short period of time but we clicked so well that I feel quite close to her.

Thank you, Nan and Darien. It may not have been much to you but what you did meant more than you know. I love you both!!! :) <3

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