Vee Is Who I Am

I don’t disclose my full name to many people. I wouldn’t say I hate my real name but I’m not too fond of it either. I’ve gotten used to it now but only use it for formal purposes like official documents etc. Vee is what everyone knows me as and it’s who I am. My boss, family and friends address me as such. If someone were to call me by my full name on the street, I probably wouldn’t answer because I’m not used to being called that at all.

I started speaking to this guy Thursday…we were just at the ‘getting to know you’ stage. He seemed really cool and we were getting along pretty well. Then the question came up: What is Vee short for? I was hesitant to tell him but after he vowed not to use it, I did. Last night, he called and guess what he started calling me? Yup, my real name. I was getting frustrated with him because he insisted on it. I told him I was starting to regret telling him and asked him to stop. “You should love yourself, y’know.” He said and I started to feel my blood boil. I told him strongly that I do love myself and that not wanting to be called by my full name is a preference. He claimed he wanted to be the first person to start using it and I said no. “This is absolutely silly,” he says “You’re a grown ass woman and I’m a grown ass man. This is childish. Vee is not a name.” “Yes, it is. It’s my name.” I cut in. “No, it’s not. How ‘bout I just call you, yo, then? So when I say, yo, what’s up? You know that I’m talking to you.” He told me. “No because yo is not a name.” I said. “See you’re contradicting yourself then cuz Vee is not your name either. Say you end up in court, you can’t tell the judge, call me Vee!” he pointed out. I repeated myself by saying that I use my name for formal purposes. Then he said, “Fine, well how ‘bout I don’t call you at all then?” I said, fine by me and hung up on him!

I was irritated! What a bitch! LOL! Yeah, that’s right, I called him a bitch! How did such a simple thing become such a big deal? Pure dramatics, I tell you! Oh well, his loss!

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