Price Of Front Row Ticket: $70
Hours Of Sleep Before Getting Up For Work The Next Day: 4
Meeting My Most Favorite Singer In The World: PRICELESS!!!!

The concert was amazing!!!! Corrine Bailey Rae opened the show for John Legend. I have to admit that I don’t like the first song she released but I got her album in anticipation of the concert and liked the rest of her songs. She was great live. I really enjoyed her performance. Then John came out. I’ve seen him twice before but since I was front row, it was like seeing him for the first time! I was in awe. My cousin, Jojo, who I took with me, was laughing most of the time because almost every time he stood in front of us, I could hardly take pictures! I only managed to take a few but thank goodness Jojo brought her camera! He sang to me a few times and got it once on video which I will try to post on here! He really stepped up his game with this show and remixed some of his songs. John danced around quite a bit which was cute because I’m used to him sitting in front of a piano most of the time. He even jumped off the stage and ran around in the audience.

During the show, I was trying to catch a glimpse of John’s guitar player, Sharief. Sharief and I corresponded a few times on myspace. I actually was hoping to meet him but there was no chance. At the angle I was sitting, my view of Sharief was blocked by the back up singers but at the end of the show when everyone was leaving, he actually saw me while he was leaving the stage and pointed and waved at me! I still wish I met him though.

Jojo and I got wristbands to meet John after the show when we bought merchandise. The first 100 people were given the opportunity. I got this really cool lithograph of a painting of John that his father, Ron Stephens did. It was actually a limited edition and was signed by both John and Mr. Stephens. We waited for a bit for John to come out and we were told that in order to make sure everyone meets him, you had to choose between a picture with him or an autograph. There was no question that I wanted a picture with him. While we waited in line, I was excited but calm. I kept telling myself that I cannot be my usual shy self because this was my only chance. Jojo made me worse though. She kept egging me on, asking if was excited and teasing me so by the time, I was close to the front of the line I was soooo nervous! LOL! When the person before me was done, I froze a few seconds so the body guard, Hassan had to say, “Aight, baby, you can go ahead now.” Hassan had a big smile on his face and I felt like a fool! LOL! I walked over to John who was smiling with his arms open saying, “Hey sweetheart!” I don’t know what came over me but I just walked over said “Hi John!” and kissed his cheek. Then he was like, “Awww!” and then kissed my cheek too! We then posed for our picture and I told him that I was a part of the JTL family, which is an online community that he has close ties too (he thanked all of us on his latest CD!) and his eyes lit up and said, “Really?? Cool!! Tell everyone I said hi!” And that was it. It’s funny cuz if you notice in the picture I have with him, I’m not really smiling…it’s what some of my friends call my “Mona Lisa Grin”. It was because I was so shocked that I actually just walked right up and kissed him!

I am now proud to say that I have met my 4 most favorite singers...John was the last one and he was the one that I thought was the furthest from my reach!

Here's the video I mentioned earlier where he sang to me (don't forget to pause the mp3 player to your left!)....

I took a bunch of pics so I made a slide show to share....

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