Almost There!!

I go away this coming Wednesday and I’m not even excited…yet! I’ve been going through some stress at work for the last few weeks and I’m totally burnt out! Last week it got to the point where I’d be in tears and almost every day last week when I was on my way to work, I’d be shaking. Things have calmed down considerably but not totally and now it’s just busy because we’ll be closed.

Tomorrow will be my last day of work until next Tuesday and it can’t come soon enough. It will be crazy then too because my other boss is just coming off 2 weeks holidays so she will be incredibly busy. Tuesday is also one of my longest work days of the week. I start at 7:30 and usually don’t finish until after 6 in the evening. I think I’m only going to settle down when I’m on my way home from work tomorrow.

As for my trip, everything’s pretty much set. I’ve done almost all of my preparations. All that’s left is to pack. I also had the task of making CDs for the road and I’ve already made about 5. I’m thinking I have about 2 more to do which takes hardly any time at all! Even though the main event is the private party held by John Legend and meeting all the ladies that I’ve grown close to through the Legend Network, I’m more looking forward to just being off and being able to relax and have some fun. Tracey and I plan to be back some time on Saturday. The day after I come back, I’m going to a concert with Amanda and that’s why I decided to take the Monday off too.

P.S. Darien just posted new music on his myspace page which is now playing on my's called So Into You featuring Big Pooh!! Enjoy!!

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