Untitled (written 07/04/07)

Four years I was in love
Things were great, things were good and towards the end, things were mediocre
When we parted ways, you wanted to be friends and now I wonder why
Most times when I hear from you, you need something
A question you need answered or a favor that needs to be asked
I know I’ve been taken for granted but I still can’t ignore the love I have for you
I’ve disregarded my hurt feelings numerous times in order to be there for you
To help you through some heartache and perhaps I was wrong to do that
Today you just brushed me aside like I was someone who meant nothing
As if I was some random person instead of a person you were once in love with
I’m mad because you still have the ability to hurt me like no one else can
That’s why my tears are falling
What did “we” mean to you? Should I not hold “us” in the high regard that I do?
I can honestly say that I’ve never gotten over you and maybe I never will
There is a part of me that held on to you
Thinking that if I can’t have you in love at least I can have you in friendship
But today you made me feel like I don’t even have that so, what do I have?
Nothing, nothing but hurt feelings, tears, wasted time and an empty feeling inside
Some say it’s best to live your life to the fullest so that you have no regrets
As I think back about that, I have a few regrets mostly all they don’t count
Now I can say I have one regret…my regret is you

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