My Fear

Ha ha! I guess the blog I just wrote worked! Well, that and some words of encouragement from my girl, Vonnie. I usually write pieces about friendship, personal growth and love or lack thereof...She suggested to write something's what I came up with:

My Fear

Do you think I like feeling this?
Is the question I’ve heard you say
Do you think I like doing this?
Is what runs through my mind every time this happens
When it does, I try to be there
I try to help without getting frustrated but I do
Things can be done to avoid it from happening
Yet it goes on happening time and time again
What happened to that motivation you had to get better when you were immobile?
What happened to the person who was so strong when faced with adversity?
You think I’m not worried but I am
Sometimes you make me feel like I don’t care but I do
It’s you who doesn’t care or at least it seems that way
I’m scared because I hate seeing you like this
I’m scared because I don’t know what to do
And my fear is something terrible will happen
Please help to take care of yourself so I can continue to take care of you

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