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Music is a HUGE part of my life. It eases your soul, makes you hype, comforts when your sad and helps you let out frustrations when you’re angry…at least to me it does. In view of that, this whole entry will be about….you guessed it, music.

Wednesday night, my girl Boogi and my cousin Jojo (yes, both names are nicknames!) went to take in the Heart of the City tour featuring Mary J. Blige & Jay-Z. It was a great show…not that I expected any less from them especially for the price we paid. Them tickets were not cheap!! Mary held it down! Vocally, she was great although I preferred when I saw her in concert alone a couple of summers ago. As much as I love MJB, it was really Jay-Z I wanted to see. I saw him…hmmm I’m guessing but it might have been 7 or 8 years ago. That was the Hard Knock Life Tour with Redman, Methodman & DMX. That was a great show but I missed most of Jay-Z’s set because I unfortunately got a bad case of food poisoning from a hot dog that I got at a street vendor before the show. Jay-Z was amazing! He was my high point of the show…no question. I also loved when they performed together. They started the show with Can’t Knock The Hustle and later, they performed one of my most fave tracks, Song Cry. I don’t think I’ve bounced around, sang/rapped along so much in my life! If they are coming to your town, check them out! Next concert….Erykah Badu!!! Then after that, Kanye!! I cannot wait!

Jojo, Me & Boogi before the show


Jay-Z & MJB on stage


Here's a clip that Jojo filmed for me:

Easter weekend, I went to a party at the Mod Club. It featured 3 local performers: a rapper named J Diggz, a singer named Dru & my boy, Famous who raps. I love showing support to independent artists or artists on the come up especially if they’re from Toronto. My girl, Tracey and I were baffled at the lack of a crowd. It’s a damn shame really because these guys are really talented and great performers. I’ll even post the clips I filmed here so you can see for yourself. There’s so much good music out there that a lot of people don’t know about. I always hear complaints about how they hate the shit they play on the radio or what they see on BET etc…If you hate it so much, take the time to research what you’re looking for or if you know about certain artists that you like, tell others about them. If you crave lyrical content in hip hop, search for it, it’s everywhere if you willing to look. It’s the same when folks complain about clubs, how it’s all the same shit, play too much commercial crap, it’s all youngins etc. I know from personal experience there are places to go and parties to check out that play quality music and cater to a more mature crowd. Man, I guess bottom line is you have no right to complain or bitch about shit unless you do something about it! More times than not, if you do something about it, you’ll find a solution!

Dru singing The One

Famous performing 4th Biggest City

This is a first for me but I’m going to be posting some download links to music. I’m trying to do my part in sharing the love of good music. First off, of course, is Darien Brockington . His manager released 2 tracks for me to hand out to the people of the Facebook group that I run and as well as . The 2 tracks are called Girl It’s You & It’s Over…they are FIRE and I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend either! Next is my boy, drummer/producer Daru . He recently released a Spirit & Soul-Hop Sampler that’s hosted by Marc Mac of UK’s own, 4hero . Now for homegrown love: My boy, Famous , who I mentioned earlier. He raps now! He’s got a kick ass single, 4th Biggest City. The video for the track was honored by for being the 96th most watched video! Look out for Famous !! Last but certainly not least is Ayah. I have loved this lady’s sound for a while. She’s got quite a sultry, soulful voice. She’s releasing her mixtape called Problem Woman in May but she has leaked 2 tracks called I Reminisce & Passing Me By. In I Reminisce, you’ll recognize the production of J Dilla (RIP).Ayah sang over Dilla’s song Think Twice. Passing Me By features the beat of the Pharcyde track with the same title. How they happened to feature 2 of my most fave tracks, I have no idea! It’s like she’s in my head!


All the links I posted are from my girl’s site: (with the exception of Famous). Clicking on it will take you to location on her site that has the download link. To quote Honey, “Thanks to all the artists for making this free music available and giving us just a taste of their talent. Remember you can't live off an appetizer and neither can they." Support artists in any way you can!!

Darien Brockington
Facebook Group:

Daru Jones (Please note Daru has a bunch of music available for free download right on his myspace site!)
Facebook Group:

Famous (The single and other freebies are available)


Disclaimer: All the music shared here was previously posted elsewhere on the internet; sometimes on the artists’ own site. In some cases, I do have direct permission from the artists to release them.

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