Another Year…

Yup, today is my birthday.

I have mixed feelings. I’m happy that God has blessed me with another year and all the new friends I’ve made within that year. I’m happy that I have, yet again, gone through some personal growth. I’m happy for the love that I’ve been receiving from family, friends, co-workers and patients.

What I’m not happy about is mainly the fact that I’m sick. Last week Monday I started to feel ill and Tuesday I was diagnosed with bronchitis. Although I’m feeling a bit better than I was, I’m still struggling. I’m weak, short of breath and have a crazy cough. I’m trying not to let this affect my birthday plans but it already has. A friend of mine, a well known a spoken word artist, Dwayne Morgan is holding a concert to commemorate his 15 years as an artist. (Congrats, D!) The show was yesterday, the 26th. I had to cancel going to it and I’m really disappointed about it.

The rest of my plans are going to dinner with my family after work tonight. Wednesday, after work, Tracey and I are going to Ayah’s mixtape release party. She’s a great singer that I’ve been in contact the last little while. She’ll be performing and one of my boys whom I haven’t seen in a while, will also DJing that night so I’m really looking forward to it. Linh’s taking me to some fancy restaurant for dinner Saturday and after, we plan to go to this party called Cheers @ Toika Lounge. Cheers is a party I used to love going to…it happened every few months and featured DJ P Plus, one of my fave. DJs. There hasn’t been a Cheers party for awhile but now it’s back and just in time! Trace will probably be meeting us there and I’ve told some folks that’s where I’ll be so we’ll see if anyone else shows. In case you’re reading this and want to come by, Toika Lounge is located on Richmond Street, just west of Spadina.

I’ve been going through some stuff lately and shortly after midnight, something that I don’t want to get into for now, happened and had me balling my eyes out. I was already upset about something that happened yesterday and it had me crying off and on all evening but this really took me over the edge. So now I’m sitting at work with slightly puffy eyes and feeling like crap when I should be happy that I’ve been in existence around 30 years (Yes, I don’t feel like stating my age! :op). I was a mess by the time I got into bed but because I had spoken to Jorge before going to sleep, I calmed down. He managed to make me laugh and smile when I really didn’t want to. Thanks to J and his brother, Al for singing to me on the phone last night.

2 people already sang to me right at my desk: A patient named Dan and my buddy, Michelle who works next door at the sports medicine clinic. I’ve also gotten cards in the mail the passed few days from patients who never seem to forget my bday. Trace was the first to greet me when she sang to me on a voicemail this passed Friday when she thought my day was the 23rd instead of the 27th! LoL! In her defense, she was also the first person to text me today. Last year, I was at a club with her and right at midnight, she asked me what time it was. Knowing that I don’t wear watches, I checked my cell for the time and saw that she sent me a text greeting! LoL! You better watch it, Trace…this is becoming tradition! We’ll see what happens next year! :)

I’m hoping that by the time I get to post this, which is later on tonight because I’m at work, that I’ll be in better spirits. Someone said that although I’m smiling, there’s sadness in my eyes. Gee, I guess I’m not as good of an actor as I thought I was!

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