Okay, I know it's been a bit since I've been on my blog but I'm just here to give you some updates...

First, I've got a video from the show I posted about last entry. Big ups to Jorge & Alex for filming and sending it to me. It's kinda dark but you can't deny the's Reggie B & Daru performing my fave song, I Was Wrong from their album, Future Music. Don't forget to pause the MP3 player I have in the column on the right hand side before watching!!

The Erykah Badu concert was OFF THE CHAIN! It got a lil' weird at times with her dancing around like a ballerina with a couple yoga exercise balls but she sounded great and a lot more playful than I expected too. I'm only gonna post one pic from the show for now. I took 2 videos that I've already posted on Facebook but I still need to upload them to my youtube channel. I'll post them when I do.


Lastly, I wanted to let you know about my newest project...I've been asked to write/contribute to the Little Brother Fansite which has direct connections to LB and all the Hall of Justus/Justus League. Big ups to Zillz who was recently appointed the 12th member of the HOJ & asked me to be a part of it and Sleaze, I'm lookin' forward to working with ya too!! I'm pretty excited about it and I just posted my first entry today...
Check it out and support your girl!!

Next concert: Kanye West's Glow In The Dark Tour!!!


P.S. I updated my mp3 player design (in the right column)...Like the Louis Vuitton design??? LOL! Right now it plays my new fave. song by a cat named Johnta Austin called Say So. If you scroll thru, you will of course hear songs by D-Brock, Daru, Rena & Reggie B!

P.P.S. RIP Joe-Joe, my girl Deedra's 13 year old son. My heart goes out to you, girl. My condolences, prayers & love goes out all those who have lost someone special in their life (there are a bunch of you!) especially Deedra, Zo and Darien. Be strong & keep your head up.

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