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(Originally posted on my Facebook profile June 3rd!!!)

Wow, what a great week I had. Despite a few disappointments and stressors, I was able to have a great birthday. I was out every day since my birthday and although I was pretty tired and still recuperating from bronchitis, I’m pretty happy.

Tuesday, I had a great day at work and went to dinner with my parents and sister that night. All day I was getting text msgs and phone calls with birthday greetings and it went on all night as well. I was extremely touched that Darien remembered my bday and called. The message he left was really sweet and I posted it on the last entry here. Thanks D. Hopefully we can see each other soon!

Wednesday, I went to Ayah’s show/CD release party with Tracey. I saw a few people I haven’t seen in a long while, namely 2 DJ friends, Tyrone and Steve. I even won a prize that night. Ayah had posted a contest some time before the show where you had to answer questions and the winner would be chosen randomly from the entries received. I won a great gift set of Givenchy perfume worth almost $200! I was floored cuz I never win anything and how ironic to win around my birthday! I also got to finally meet Ayah who is a total sweetheart! She had an amazing performance and I filmed some footage of her which she is using now to promote herself. Ayah’s also featured on my girl, Vonnie’s site, Congrats, Ayah and I wish you much success! I believe in you so much and hope to continue to spread the word of your amazing talent!  We did take a pic together too but, it didn’t turn out well! lol Videos to come!

Thursday and Friday were pretty low key but I spent time with 2 special people in my life: Amanda who’s like a little sister to me spent all afternoon and most of the evening together on Thursday. Jojo, my fave. cousin took me out for dinner on Friday.

Saturday was probably my best day of the week! My best friend, Linh (Boogi) and I started this tradition about 3 years ago that instead of buying each other gifts for our birthdays, we just take each other out to a really nice restaurant for dinner. We’ve gone to some of the best restaurants in the city. This year was no different! She took me to this restaurant that just opened up this year called Nyood. It’s so trendy that to get an 8pm reservation on a Saturday night, you have to book 2 weeks in advance! Since couldn’t get the 8pm reservation, we had the 6:30. Food was amazing but the dessert!!!!! The dessert was heaven! If you know me, you know that I’m not that fussy over chocolate but I ordered this chocolate soufflé cake and it was served with coconut and caramel ice cream…OMG! Wow, it just blew us away. I definitely recommend this restaurant. The décor was beautiful and the staff were all very courteous.

We left Nyood at about 8 which meant we had tons of time before going to Toika Lounge. We went home so I could change quickly then we went to Joe Mama’s to have a drink and listen to some live music. We left at about 11 to go to Toika which wasn’t too far from where we were. I really looked forward to going to Cheers because it was one of my fave. parties to go to because the music played is mostly non commercial and music that you don’t normally hear at a club. Thanks to Wan for taking care of me that night…that was really unexpected and sweet of you, hon. Thanks to Shawn aka P Plus for proving to me yet again why I consider him one of my most favorite DJs and also for thinking that he wished me happy birthday last year as well as this year which wasn’t the case! LoL! Cheers was great and the music was crazy. I also saw Ayah there again and met Tona for the first time. Tona’s a wicked rapper from here that I msged back and forth a bit on myspace. I actually could’ve met him on Wednesday because he and Ayah performed together but I was too shy to approach him! He’s good people and hopefully, I’ll get to build with him as well. I’m kinda getting the hang of this networking thing but it’s still new to me…I gotta keep working on my shyness tho!

Sunday was pretty chill. I went with my sister and her 2 best friends, Rorie & Rica to the movies. We went to see Sex & The City. I was sooo looking forward to seeing it and it definitely did not disappoint. I actually want to see it again so I’m going to make plans with Angela, my sister in law who hasn’t seen it yet.

I’m pretty content right now. I haven’t felt happy this consistently for a while so it feels good. Hopefully I can keep it up!

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