Random Ramblings Volume 9

I’ve spoken about inappropriate behavior while working in the doctor’s office before…things like clipping you nails in the waiting room etc. I saw something recently that just took the cake! I swear I wish I could post a pic of it but due to obvious confidentiality reasons, I can’t! A patient proceeded to take off her shoes, take up 2 chairs in our waiting room to lie down! And no, she wasn’t so sick that she had to lie down. I’ve been in a situation where that was the case and I made arrangements for them to lie down in an examination room. She just felt like lying down! I watched her in shock as she laid there for a few minutes, tossing and turning a bit. I couldn’t believe it! Eventually, I said something…it went like this (I changed her name to Joan):

Me: Joan, Are you ill?

Joan: No, I’m just tired. (while yawning loudly)

Me: Oh, okay because normally if someone’s feeling ill I’d let them lie down in one of the examination room.

Joan: Well, I could lie in…

Me: (cutting her off) But you’re okay so I don’t think you should be lying down.

I hoped she would get the hint and she stared blankly at me for a minute while a couple of patients looked at her. Then she eventually sat up and gave me a look like I was being a bitch! GRRRR!! I swear I do not understand people sometimes!

I realized I didn’t post about Kanye West’s Glow In The Dark concert. I went a week before my birthday so I was soo excited leading up to it. The same week of the concert I took quite ill with bronchitis…complete with the chills, difficulty breathing etc. To make matters worse, the concert was outdoors by the lake, the weather was cold AND it was rainy! The day of the concert was probably one of my worst days and I was so afraid that I was going to catch pneumonia! It was almost the end of May but I was all decked out with a hoodie, a scarf and my winter jacket! It was well worth it though!

Lupe Fiasco was great but I wish his set was longer. He only performed 4 joints. N.E.R.D. was great too. Rhianna was okay I suppose. I’m not really a fan of hers. I think Boogi, Jojo and I were the only ones sitting while she was performing. We just talked amongst ourselves the whole time she was on stage! Lol!

Kanye was amazing. His energy, stage presence and performance were on point! The effects were pretty great but I personally think it would’ve looked better if the show was held indoors. The reason why I say that is all the lighting and effects were used to ‘glow’ and in an arena everything would’ve been pitch black except for the stage which would’ve made the effects more prominent. In fact, I think the Toronto show was one of the few that had outside venues.

I don’t have pictures or video of this show. The Molson Amphitheatre was pretty strict about cameras, or so we thought! They even had an area where we were told to check cameras. Boogi asked if they were responsible for any damages if anything should happen and they said no so Jojo ran back to the car to leave it there. When the show started, there were cameras everywhere! We were pissed!

Finally, here are 2 videos of the Erykah Badu concert from back in April and 3 videos of Ayah when I saw her around my birthday. I took a lot more videos of her but most of them turned out quite dark. The ones posted here are the vids that Ayah is using to promote herself. (Don't forget to pause the mp3 player to the right!)

Erykah performing Bag Lady

Erykah singing Tyrone

Ayah ~ Real Woman

Ayah ~ I Reminisce (RIP J DILLA)

Ayah ~ Take A Number/Stay Awhile

Recently someone added a few pictures to the Facebook group that I run for Darien Brockington from the tour he did with Little Brother last fall. One of the pics was of a girl’s thigh and on it in black marker was “Darien B. Stay Beautiful”!


I laughed and text messaged D immediately…here is our conversation:

Me: Guess what I just saw?? A leg with your autograph on it! Someone added the pic to the group! Lol!

Darien: Lol! How funny!

Me: I’m gonna save it and email it! How shameful of you to do that! Lol! What are you gonna sign for me?

Darien: Lol! Your forehead!

Me: My forehead? Lol! You are so mean! I thought you loved me :-(

Darien: I do! I do! I was only kidding

Me: I know that, silly. You gotta luv me! You have no choice! :-P Me, on the other hand, I only kinda luv you. Lol!

Darien: Lol! Whatever!

Me: You know I only said that to hear you say that you love me, right? :-)

Darien: Lol! Ure silly

Now that I’ve figured out a way to post my voicemail messages on here…no one is safe! LOL! Unless, of course, you say that you don’t want it posted. As I mentioned previously, Jorge and his brother Alex serenaded me on my birthday. Last week sometime, they just started singing Friends by Whodini and I told them I wish I could record them because I was cracking up! Eventually, they did leave me a voicemail so I’m posting it! Oh and by the way, no, they were not drunk!

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the vocal stylings of Jorge & Alex singing a medley of popular old skool songs, you may or may not recognize! Enjoy! Lol! (Don't forget to pause the mp3 player to the right!)

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  1. Jorge Olavarria11:24 PM

    Wow.... We Sound So Good Live... lol

    Love Ya Girl

    & Alex


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