So you may or may not know that after 15 years, the New Kids On The Block have reunited, put out a new album and are on tour. You also may or may not know that a big bulk of my childhood was spent going cuckoo over them. Just imagine my surprise when I heard they were back together. Honestly at first, I thought, “Oh boy, what are they doing? I hope they don’t embarrass themselves.” I also was rather embarrassed to admit of my peaking interest. When they announced that they were coming to Toronto, my cousin Jojo and I contemplated going for a bit…or at least I did. Eventually, I agreed and we got tickets. The first show here sold out in less than a minute apparently and a second and third show were added and those went quickly too. I watched their TV appearances and thought, “Okay, they still look pretty good.” It was weird for me to see them perform their old music and found the fanfare that watched them, ridiculous! I mean, there were a bunch of girls in their 30s screaming as if they were teenagers, holding banners up, wearing the t-shirts and buttons they had from back in the day! I remember telling Jojo that I’d be making fun of the females more so than anything else at the show.
They put out their first single, Summertime and I really HATED it! It was cheesy and sounded like some of the stuff they would’ve released way back when. I was disappointed because I thought it showed no growth.
Then, their album, The Block, came out and I was pleasantly surprised. Besides the track I hated, they had some good quality music, stuff that I wouldn’t mind listening to in my car. I was still sensitive about admitting that I liked them, their music or the fact that I was going to their show!
The day of the show came and the pressure was on! See, back in the day I was so crazy for them that they probably could’ve just stood onstage for all I cared and I’d be screaming for them. Now because my musical taste has grown quite a bit, I’m critical of sound quality especially voices and performance. I knew for a fact that if they didn’t hold their own I’d be bored and just waste my time making fun of people. I wasn’t as embarrassed to admit that I was going to the show then but I still put “Vee is @ A concert. Lol” as my status on facebook. My friend, Manda who’s like a little sister to me, ratted me out by writing on my wall about who I was going to see. Jojo wrote on my wall while she was right next to me too!
I have to say, they put on a great show. Their voices have improved greatly and they were very entertaining. It was strange seeing grown women screaming at the top of their lungs throughout the concert, seeing women with their boyfriends/husbands, women who are pregnant and I saw women with their children too! The concert did take me back but for the record, I did not scream and did not wear any NKOTB paraphernalia (not that any of the shirts that I had would fit me! Lol! Even it they did fit, I still wouldn’t!).
After some thought, I’m not embarrassed anymore which is why I’ve decided to write this blog! My love for them was part of my growing up and why should I be embarrassed about that part of my past! So, on that note, YES DAMMIT! I went to the New Kids On The Block concert! LOL LOL!

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