Prayers Needed

Right when I thought things were going fairly well with my family, another thing hit us this week.
My mother had a routine chest x-ray by my boss and there was an abnormality. We immediately referred her to a respirologist just to be sure that it was nothing to worry about. She went with my sister and they arranged a CAT scan. The doctor said that he would be in touch before the week was out. The next day, the doctor got in touch with me to say there is definitely a node there and it looks suspicious of cancer! I was floored! I managed to keep it together as we talked about the next course of action. He said he was going to refer her to a general surgeon for a biopsy. Luckily, I’ve been working in the medical field for a long time and we agreed on a surgeon who I know very well. In fact, the surgeon’s secretary and I have been good friends every since I started working at the office. Within 20 minutes of speaking to the respirologist, my friend called and told me she booked mama an appt for a consult this coming Wednesday (which is papa’s birthday of all days!). I’ve been so upset by the news but keep it inside so I don’t worry my mother any more than she already is. She’s usually a very nervous person to the point that she makes herself sick and doesn’t sleep at all. With me working where I do, if I show an ounce of worry, she’ll be suspicious that I’m not telling her everything and worry even more!
Just when we started to calm about my papa’s bout with prostate cancer, this happens! He’s still undergoing treatment but he’s tolerating it okay. I know God gives us what we can handle but I just wish we had a bit of a break in between.
I’m trying to be positive and hope for the best. I’ve stopped crying but tears well up in my eyes when I think of what’s to come.
I asked all who see this to pray for us, for our strength but most of all, my mother’s well being. Thank you.

Me & My Mama

My sister, Mama & I

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