The weekend after I was in NC, Darien was in Detroit filming his 2nd music video. It was for a song D did a hook for called Magnetic by a rapper from Ann Arbour named Yoshi. I have this song streaming on here at the moment so y’all hear it. I really like the song and look forward to seeing the video which Yoshi told me, will be released in June.
Darien sort of caught the video blogging bug and did a couple vids while he was out there so I thought I’d post them here…I’m really glad he’s showing a more personal side of him. I cannot tell you how many people have messaged me saying, “I had no idea D-Brock would be that funny!” I’ve been saying it all along, he can be pretty goofy!! LOL!
I also recently got permission from Yoshi to make the song available for free download so here you go:
Magnetic - Yoshi Featuring Darien Brockington & Buff 1

(Reminder: Pause the mp3 player to the top right before viewing the vids!)

Magnetic blog part 1

Magnetic blog part 2

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