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I interrupt catching up on my blog for an important announcement.....

Last week, my boy, Zo released his EP called Just Visiting Too and what an EP it is! It’s a collection of covers featuring more of my friends Darien Brockington, Yahzarah, Phonte and Carlitta Durand. The best part is that it is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Here’s a bit of a breakdown:
  1. Perfect Angel Featuring Yahzarah - What a beautiful start to the EP. Yahz does a wonderful job covering Minnie Riperton leaving you feeling all warm and fuzzy
  2. Nights Over Egypt Featuring Carlitta Durand - It seems that Carlitta's voice was made for this Jones Girls track! Great vibe especially for cruising in the car!
  3. Crazy You Featuring Sy Smith - I have to admit I didn't know this Prince track at all and had to research the original. Just a very pretty song with pretty vocals done by Sy. I love the guitar in this one.
  4. Holding You, Loving You - In this track originally performed by Don Blackman, Zo shows that he doesn't necessarily need a vocalist to make good music!! Grab a glass of wind and chill with this one, absolutely gorgeous!
  5. My Flame Featuring Phonte - When I saw the title of this Bobby Caldwell song, I didn't know it but as soon as I heard it, I recognized it right away. Phonte continues to impress me as a singer.
  6. Somethin Special Featuring Yahzarah - If I had to choose just one song off of Just Visiting Too as a favorite (trust me it would be hard!), it would be this one originally done by Quincy Jones & Patti Austin. Every time I hear it, it makes me wanna move! I cannot get enough of Yahz or this song!!
  7. The Highways Of My Life (Parts 1 & 2) Featuring Darien Brockington - After my first listen, all I could say was WOW!! The original done by The Isley Brothers, Zo & D-Brock do their thing in the their version!! Do I dare say that it's better than the original? You decide.
All in all, this EP is a masterpiece done by a truly talented musician and producer complete with equally talented vocalists. I cannot get over the instrumentation of it, it's just glorious. I hope all who read this don't think I'm biased because I consider Zo a friend. So don't take my word for it, listen for yourself! Enjoy!! You WILL NOT regret it!

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  1. I'll say it. Zo and D-Brock's version of "Highways of My Life" is better than the original. Real talk.


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