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I decided to start a new feature where I will post anything from a fave song, artist, music, DJ or even food of the moment. The plan is to do this at least once a week!
Since this is my first post, I have a few things to share with you….

Fave Song: Love Calls – Darien Brockington

D-Brock recently re-released his mixtape called The Cold Case Files. The first version was available for a short period of time in late December 2009. The new version is NOT the same…there’s a few new things on there including a couple of interludes and 2 new songs, his latest single, Rain and my choice for fave song, Love Calls. With production from Khrysis and lyrics by NC based singer/songwriter, Sincere, Love Calls is just a feel good song! I currently have it streaming on my mp3 player to the top right but if you’d like to purchase and support, The Cold Case Files are available on iTunes, and you can order physical copies from Moods Music.

Fave Mixes: DJ Mensa – Lazy Days, DJ Cuzzin B – One For The Road and Big Jacks – The Originals 1.5

Two of these mixes are done by 2 DJs I knew personally and one that I just got to know recently.

I call DJ Mensa one of my fave DJs in the city! Mensa never disappoints me when I see him play out in the clubs or in his mixes. Lazy Days is Mensa’s latest offering and as he claims, "it’s made for summer loving and loafting”.
Download: DJ Mensa – Lazy Days

I got to know Cuzzin B through my good friend, 9th Wonder. Cuzzin B is part of 9th’s True School Corporation and if your city is lucky enough to host a True School Party, you can see up close and personal just how great this dude is! If not, One For The Road will show you what you’re missing out on!
Download: Cuzzin B – One For The Road

Original Concepts throws one of my favorite parties in Toronto every few months called The Originals. It’s a night of Old School mixed with New School where they take hits that use samples and infuse them with the original joints. Big Jacks did a phenomenal job on this mix! Be prepared to dance when you listen to this one!!
Download: Big Jacks – The Originals 1.5

Fave Music Video – Actual Proof Featuring 9thmatic and Rapsody – Many Microphones

This is my fam right here!! My GB, 9th Wonder is probably one of the busiest men I know! It seems like 9th and his artists from his labels, Jamla & It’s A Wonderful World Music Group are plotting a take over. I plan to do a more extensive blog at a later date but in the meantime, enjoy this great vid from Enigma and Sundown of the group Actual Proof which features 9thmatic (9th Wonder’s rap alias) and Rapsody, a fly female MC and First Lady of Jamla/IWWMG! I love way this video is shot!!! GREAT JOB!!

Don't forget to pause on the mp3 player on the top right before pressing play! :)


  1. Thank you for giving me something else to go download. :)

  2. Love the downloads!
    Thanx Lady

  3. Finally able to see the video from 9th. That's so hawt!


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