Holiday Blessings

First, I'd like to apologize...I've been M.I.A. the last little while. Without going into too much detail, things have been rough for this world has gotten a lil' hectic and at times, too much to handle. Most of all, I'm dealing with the mother of all creative blocks right now. I don't call it "writer's block" because it's beyond just writing. Please know that your girl is okay and maintaining even though I admit it's been quite the struggle. I've decided to give myself a break and start up fresh in the New Year. Thanks to all who have shown concern and checked on me.

The holiday season is here and Christmas is fast approaching so I wanted to make sure to send my love and blessings to all my readers, supporters, family and friends. Hope you all enjoy holidays filled with joy & laughter. Also, please send prayers to those missing loved ones as's especially hard around this time of year. This is my 2nd Christmas without my mom and honestly, at times it seems harder than the first.

Before I go, folks always ask what I'm listening to and what I'm feeling right now so I'll leave you with a few FREE downloads of my faves and a couple of albums y'all should definitely check out and BUY! ;-)

There are 4 FREE goodies for your listening pleasure. First, I have a mix by my boys: Jay Clipp & Cuzzin B called Soul 4 Sale Volume 9. It has been in regular rotation since it came out! When I first got it, I had it on repeat all day! Then I have mixtapes from my friends at It's A Wonderful World Music Group (IWWMG): Sean Boog - Light Beers Ahead Of You, Thee Tom Hardy - Secret Of Thee Green Magic and my girl, Rapsody with Return Of The B-Girl. The 2 albums I recommend VERY HIGHLY are: Eric Benet's Lost In Time...I have always been in love with this man's voice! His new album is FIRE! I'm so glad he's back. The second album you should check out was released today, David Banner & 9th Wonder's Death Of A Popstar. Yeah, some of you may think I'm biased because I consider 9th Wonder family and vice versa BUT the chemistry between 9th & Banner is truly special. If you don't want to take my word for it, check it out for yourself!!

Click the album covers to listen or download/buy!!

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  1. Hang in there, huney! (and please know that the 'block' that is facing you, also sits before me -- but I am ready to kick mine with the utmost force, and I urge you to do the same!!)



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