Glenn Lewis in Toronto

I adore Glenn Lewis. He’s such a talented artist and it’s a bonus that he’s from Toronto! Glenn had a show here back in February and I’ve wanted to share these videos for a while now but things got quite hectic for me shortly after.

It was my 2nd time seeing him live and was excited for this show since he released his new single, Good Love not long ago. It started off with my boy, DJ P Plus spinning some tunes. The music was so great that my friends and I were shocked that not many folks made it to the dance floor. This should’ve been our indication of the way things would go for the night. Toronto crowds are known for just standing and watching which is why some folks dub my city the “Screw Face Capital”. That night, the crowd was no different. Glenn really had to work the crowd and coax them to come closer to the stage with mediocre response. Add sound trouble complete with feedback to the mix and you got an awesome artist with a show that was just okay. It could have been better but Glenn did the best he could with what he was dealt.

I took quite a bit of video that night so I’ll only share a couple here. To see more, head on over to my youtube channel:

(Friendly Reminder: Don't forget to pause on the mp3 player on the top right before pressing play!)

Lonely from the album, World Outside My Window

Glenn's latest single, Good One

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