Second Time Was A Blast!!! (Catch Up Post #1)

I didn’t plan to go to the 2nd Package Tour show (July 28th) in Toronto initially. This was sort of a ‘make up’ show. I’ll try to make a long story short…I grew up with my cousin Jojo and we were BHs (BlockHeads) together from the start. After a few unexpected turn of events, when the tour was announced, Jojo bought tix with another cousin because that cousin didn’t want to spend money on VIPs. I ended up getting 5* with 2 of my friends who weren’t really BHs but wanted to go to the show and didn’t mind forking out the money to do VIP. It was the only 2nd show that Jojo & I didn’t go together. The 1st one was when we were kids and she was out of town. We got tix the day after the 1st Toronto show, no VIP cuz they were all gone but I scored AP tix and told Jojo it was my early bday present to her. Her birthday is in September! LOL!
I didn’t think it was possible but I think I enjoyed the 2nd show more than the 1st one!
Although I was closer the 1st time (I was on the floor at the stairs to center stage), I felt like I had a better view of everything. We were seated just off the floor seats, 2nd row aisle close to the center stage. Jordan was stood right in front of us during Tonight! I only took a few pics & a bit of video but I kept stopping just to enjoy the show. It was amazing!!

VIDEO: (Reminder: Be sure to press pause on the Lair Player at the bottom left corner before watching the vid!)
A clip of my favourite part of We Own Tonight!

After the show was the after party! As some have read, I didn’t get a pic with my fave Donnie so you can imagine my excitement when I managed to put a photo group together: my BH sisters, Tracy & Raven and Raven’s friend Jenn joined Jojo and I. The time came to go for the pic and I scanned the area to see all of Boyz II Men & NKOTB except for…yep, Donnie. He did mention on twitter he had to go to NYC but I didn’t realize he meant RIGHT AFTER the show. My bad for assuming he’d at least stay for pics since after all, he was supposed to be hosting. I was disappointed because I also had something to give him too. It was a skull bracelet that matches his belt buckle that he uses on stage. I quickly went over to Jon who is my 2nd fave and I was extremely floored that he remembered me from last time! (If you don’t know why he’d remember me, I told him in June he helped me quit smoking in a way and since then he’s sent me msgs of encouragement. See more details of that by clicking here!) He literally got in my face, yelled ‘HI!’ then grabbed me for a huge hug! At first I thought he was just being extra friendly but then he said, ‘so you’re still not smoking, right?’ and I was like ‘Right! Omg, you remember me?’. He smiled, called me by my name and kissed my cheek then I was rushed out by security. LOL! Meanwhile, I found out Jojo who is tiny (she’s just below 5 feet tall), saw Jordan and Shawn Stockman (both her faves) standing next to each other. She literally took off and jumped right in between them! It all went so fast that my girls didn’t even realize Donnie wasn’t there cuz when we were done, they asked if I had given my bracelet! Smh! *sigh*

 At the after party! (L-R) Danny Wood, Tracy, Shawn Stockman, Jojo, Jordan Knight, Jenn, Nathan Morris, Raven, Joey McIntryre, myself and Jonathan Knight!

The skull bracelet that I had for Donnie & I

All in all, despite Donnie not being there, I had a great time. It was so worth seeing how happy Jojo was after meeting them. Jordan performed a few songs while standing on the bar including Stingy, my fave.

Boyz II Men also performed a bit while standing on the bar. I took a tiny bit of video of them doing Motown Philly for Instagram. It got really popular after Boyz II Men posted it on their official Twitter & Facebook accounts! Later, I managed take a pic with Nate which was pretty awesome. He is such a sweet guy!

I also wanted to say again, I loved meeting my BH sisters. Tracy & I had been texting for months before we met and we felt like old friends right away. Raven is very sweet and her friend Jenn was nice too. It was a pleasure spending time with them!

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