New Music , Video & Mentions

Just sharing a few things with you...
First, D-Brock released a brand new single!!!! It's called Here We Go Again and it's produced by Karma Fullmetal and Keno. It's from Darien's upcoming mixtape entitled The Cold Case Files. Although the song is not available to the public yet, I'm proud to have it streaming right here on my site! (Thanks, Monty!!) Also website is online....check it out!!

Back in May, I posted an entry about how Darien went to Detroit to film a video for a song called Magnetic that he did with Yoshi. Well, the video was finally released to much praise! It was posted numerous places online and with it, I was mentioned as well! Some of the sites are (click to see the posts): Much love & hugz to my girl, Honey aka V. The music blogging world won't be the same without you!
Music Addikts Thank you so much Brandi!!
The Real Frequency Shouts to Keezy!! Thanks homie!

And now, the video (be sure to pause the mp3 player to the top right before watching!):

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