Toronto DJs Are The Best! ~ Love Letters/Broken Hearts by DJ P Plus & DJ Lissa Monet

I felt compelled to write and give reasons why I love DJs especially the ones in Toronto. Yeah, the statement in my title is a bold one. Yeah, I might be biased because it’s the city I live in and I know a number of DJs in my city personally but I do not care! Lol! Don’t say I’m wrong until you’ve come to Toronto and hear DJs like P Plus, BoogeyMan, Starting From Scratch, Wristpect, and Sean Sax play. You didn’t see my boy, DJ Mensa travel to North Carolina last April and kill the Foreign Exchange show at the Cat’s Cradle, did you? If you did, you know what I’m talking about!

My love for the art (yes, it’s an art) of DJing started when I was a kid. In the 80s, my brother was a DJ and had a crew called New Images. He used to be stuck babysitting me a lot and I’d just sit there watching him, rehearse on his turntables and mixer. He used to do parties and school dances. I remember once he had a jam at The Party Center (at Church and Shuter St. All my T-dot heads would know that place!), I was actually at the ticket booth with his friends taking tickets. When I was in high school, I managed my school’s radio station (that’s where my name, Lady Vee came into play btw). I also befriended a number of people at our local radio station at the time, CFTR. In my late teens, I dated a couple of DJs and loved going to the record stores with them. An ex (while we were dating, of course) teamed up with my brother and DJed a few events. I also helped them out from time to time. I think like a DJ too. When I listen to music which is practically all the time, I find myself thinking, “Hmm, this song would really go well with this one” or when I’m at a party, I can recognize a song that the DJ is mixing in before my friends even notice. I developed a love for watching DJs at work and I don’t think that will ever change.

I’ve gotten to know a few DJs in states like North Carolina, MD/DC, Cali, Illinois and New York as well but there’s something about the DJs here that I absolutely love. I think it’s because they are truly diverse. It’s rare to find someone that can go through from different genres like Hip Hop, R&B/Soul, Reggae, Soca, House and even a little Pop/Rock with ease. Even DJs that are known for a specific genre like Reggae DJ Spexx or Dr. Jay who primarily spins Soca can do it. Yet when I go out to a party in Toronto (not that often now), I find it every time. Some superior then others, of course!

Anyway, my point in this entry is to inform and also share some goodness from 2 Toronto DJs:

I was at one of my fave parties, The Originals (shouts to James!) and P Plus handed me his latest mixtape which is a double CD he did with DJ Lissa Monet called Love Letters/Broken Hearts.

P’s disc is nothing but love songs while Lissa’s disc is filled with, you guessed it, songs of heartache! What a piece of work!! It features artists like Teedra Moses, Maxwell, Alicia Keys, Drake, Melanie Fiona, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Robin Thicke, and Faith Evans. There are some surprises too like Hoobstank, White Snake, The Stylistics and Taylor Dayne! Without further ado, here are the links and track listings. ENJOY!!


Lissa Monet - Broken Hearts: DOWNLOAD TRACKLIST

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