REVIEW: Rain ~ Darien Brockington

I remember when I first got this song. It was a late night back in June and I was on twitter when Monty, Darien’s manager, hit me up telling me that he was going to send me D’s next single. After swearing me to secrecy, Monty sent me an email with the file attached saying “Warning! This one’s a panty dropper!” I brushed off the warning at first but after my first listen, I realized he was so right! My jaw dropped as I listened to it again. Produced by WrightTrax, Rain starts off slow and sensual as Darien sets the scene and starts his seduction. When the bass drops...IT'S ON! Filled with sexual innuendos, this is probably D-Brock’s most, for lack of a better word, “forward” song lyrically. It will definitely put you in the mood to get close to someone!

Currently, Rain is streaming on Darien’s website, and of course, right here on my blog. It will be available for purchase very soon digitally as well as a physical copy of The Cold Case Files which is where you can find Rain. Originally, CCF was available as a digital download back in December but it will be re-released along with a few more tracks that weren’t included previously. When the single was officially released on Friday, it was well received…so well, in fact that in the early evening crashed due to web traffic! Darien was actually in Atlanta when Rain was released, filming a video for the song which will be out shortly. STAY TUNED!!!

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I was extremely confused about The Cold Case Files. I was like 'what did I buy a few months ago?!??!?!?!' lol THEN I was mad that I didn't have Rain! This is HEAT!


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