2009 ~ The Year That Was

Yeah, I know it’s already mid January! I’ve been kinda slacking on this one because I had to collect my thoughts. My mind’s been all over the place and reminiscing on the year takes me through a whole roller coaster of emotions.
This is the year that I traveled the most. January, I went to Chicago. I ended up going there for a weekend on kind of a whim because I found a great deal for a flight and a 4 star hotel. In April, I went to North Carolina. Finally, in October, I took my first trip to NYC and had a ball with Ann Marie. I found a great comfort in traveling. I really enjoyed being around the people I care about, checking out new things and meeting new people. With what I had gone through all year, going on trips played a major part in keeping me sane.
2009 also gave me a chance to spend time with friends, meeting some of them in person for the first time. Here’s a list of some of the folks I met for the first time: Ann Marie, Yahzarah, Zo, Nicolay, Aimee, Carlitta Durand, Chaundon, Kam Moye, Vince Clark, Jay Clipp, Cuzzin B, Jozeemo, Trelly and Joann…I think that’s everybody, if I missed you, please forgive me! Most of the friends in that list, I had already known for awhile via the net so it was really special finally meeting them in person. I also got to see and spend time with Darien, 9th Wonder, Rosean, Kimmie, Phonte and Pooh. It’s always good seeing them.
Of course, not a year goes by without going to at least one show/concert! I saw a total of 5 Foreign Exchange shows: Chicago, 2 in NC, Toronto and New York! Each show was different and amazing. I try not to be biased but hey, what can I say….they’re my friends! I’m sure I’ve said this before but if they come to your city, be sure to check them out. While I was in New York, I got to see Bobby Brown. That was a great show too! It was good to see him still doing his thing after all these years. I was almost apprehensive about the show because of all the bad press he’s gotten but he still is a great performer. Also while in New York, there was a music festival going on so Ann Marie went to see a bunch of shows which included seeing Eric Roberson (I LOOOVE that man! Lol!), an international hip hop showcase and I finally got to see my homie, Kam Moye perform for the first time. My favorite concert of the year has to be seeing Maxwell here at the Air Canada Centre. I have wanted to see Maxwell for years and he had come to Toronto a few times but I missed out on seeing him every time. Then he announced he was touring with Common too? I was in heaven! I didn’t fool around either and got the presale tickets. My girl, Rica and I went and the seats were great…at least I think they were, we were hardly in our seats! We were parked right at the stage most times! (See my review of the show here!) I can’t wait to see what shows I go to this year!
With good times, there are bad times and oh boy, were they bad! It seems like in 2009 a lot of people were hit with a death of a loved one. My family was no different. Before I get into this, I have a
special mention for Darien...his family was hit as well. He lost his grandmother on Christmas Day. My condolences goes out to your family from my family. Sending much love, prayers and strength to you.
In February, I lost my God Mother, my papa’s sister, Tita Lit. (For those who are non-Filipino, Tita means auntie.) She passed very suddenly in Montreal and my brother and sister were the only ones who were able to go to the funeral. I drove my family out to Montreal in September to visit her. I’ve always loved going to Montreal; we used to go a lot when I was growing up. Now without her, it will never be the same. I miss her dearly.
Okay, this is next bit is what really delayed this entry but here I go: I lost my mom in November and I’m still dealing with it. I won’t go into detail as to what happened. I posted a tribute to mama previously and you can see that by clicking here. I can’t even begin to explain how I’m coping. All I can say is there are good days and bad days; more bad days than good unfortunately. I’ve heard all the clichés and all the advice. I know that only time will ease my pain but it frustrates me because I feel like it’s not good enough. I need to be okay but honestly and truly, I’m really not. I’m not the same and I don’t think I ever will be. I don’t know how I keep going but somehow I do...I just wish this feeling would go away. I’m hurting real bad and I feel so lost. The only thing I can say is that the support I’ve been getting from everyone has been phenomenal. My family and friends have been there for me as much as they can. I’ve even gotten support from people I don’t even know! All throughout the time mama was in the hospital, Darien had been asking his friends and fans for prayers for me and my family. When she left us, he even changed his profile picture on Facebook and Twitter to a picture of mama and I! I received a great deal of messages from people, sending their condolences, love and prayers. It was overwhelming and so very touching. I cannot express how much that meant to me.
I didn’t want to end this entry on a sad note but really, that’s how my year ended. All I can do is to continue to go on and try to be positive. Here’s hoping that 2010 will be great for all of us. Oh and a quick mention, some changes will be coming to this site in the next few months hopefully so STAY TUNED! :o)

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  1. It was absolutely a joy to meet you -- and not even fully knowing at the time that we were standing at NY's BB King's for so many hours (waiting on the Kang of R&B) to take the stage, that we had so much more in common. Your mom passed a few weeks after your visit to NY and I cried as though you guys were my family. Perhaps our connection through our motherly bonds, their physical challenges and how you've coped with your loss is what sealed us even more.

    My blessings are with you always -- our undying love for good music will keep us eternally cemented!


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